Coaching accelerates professional growth and empowerment by allowing everyone to focus more effectively and consciously on their objectives and consequently on the action to be implemented.

Human Reload establishes a strategic partnership with clients through Executive coaching practice, a creative process that stimulates self reflection, inspires people to maximize their personal and professional potential, and eventually improves their well-being, reaching enhanced results. The coaching methodology adopted (according to the regulations of the International Coaching Federation to which Human Reload strongly adhere) foresee the client to be respected, both from a personal and professional point of view, and able to effectively manage her/his life and work environment.

Each coachee is an individual person, with her/his uniqueness, full of resources.

Thanks to advanced coaching methodology, clients are able to learn and develop strategic actions to improve both performance and quality of their lives.

Through coaching, Human Reload supports the coachee by experimenting with new personal perspectives and opportunities, developing the growth of sharp strategic thinking and decision making. It also aims to improve interpersonal effectiveness, people agility and greater confidence in expressing themselves in life and at work.

The main responsibilities of a coach are:

  • facilitate discovering and aligning the objectives the coachee wishes to achieve;
  • steward the Client in shaping a personal vision;
  • ensure that the solutions and strategies to be followed transpire from the coachee her/himself;
  • leave full autonomy of action to the coachee

In coaching we observe “where the client is today“, what the current starting point is, and define mutually, what she/he is willing to act upon to reach “where she/he would like to be  tomorrow” by defining key performance indicators.

In general, a coaching activity starts with the contracting phase. It is a personal interview to evaluate the current opportunities and challenges, to define the purposes of the relationship, to identify the priorities for action and to establish what the specific results to be achieved are.

In a fast-paced and constantly evolving world, coaching represents an important opportunity to refocus yourself, re- center yourself in your professional and personal life and realign your awareness towards the organizational strategy, seizing hidden opportunities and leveraging on unexploited potential.

The Human Reload coaching model is a blend from the Co-active model and the FACTS.

The Co-Active coaching model is used to set the trust, the empowerment, the intuition and the FACTS that can help pave the right path through exploration of the ZOUD. Only in a protected, comfortable environment are we able to act on our own challenges and therefore start evoking our own transformation.

When I think about the way I coach, and all the elements I have described, I like to use the metaphor of Rafting sport. In rafting you enjoy the activity by accepting a certain level of challenge. Rafting requires a basic preparation, skills, ability and practice and a dose of courage. You can do it on different levels (white water) based on your practice level. It is down to me, the experience I gain and the amount of practice I do, to increase my ability which will, in turn, allow me to achieve the maximum..

Regarding my style, the feedback I constantly receive from my coachees is a warm presence. They feel listened to, at ease and safe in the discussion.

Actions normally emerge just after the feedback moment and when the Coachee has elaborated on the Zoud, and when ready, formulated as “after this reflection what do you see as opportunity in the coming future? What are the options you think you have in front of you?”

I’d like to close mentioning the importance of what I call the “inner wellness” of the coachee. A coachee who is able to explore and navigate her/his ZOUD area is definitely setting himself up for development. Wellness here doesn’t mean “indulgency”, but the feeling  that an athlete gets after a hard  work out . Fatigue, restore and then fired up and  prepared to face the challenge.



It is a methodology of transferring professional and managerial skills through a relationship between people with more experience, the mentor, and the mentee. The mentor can be someone who has gained experience and skills, useful to those who are on a similar path. Indeed, this responsibility can represent a motivational intervention towards people with greater professionalism. The mentor is a guide for the less experienced, the mentor can open opportunities to sharing knowledge of culture, values, rituals, techniques, methodologies, network relationships and other elements often not codified in documents, procedures or manuals but essential for navigating organizations. It is a (temporary) point of reference for the mentee, to whom it offers experience and knowledge of the context, encouraging growth and integration within the organizational context.

When can a mentoring process be useful?

Human Reload offers customized mentorship programs for all situations in which a person is seeking  organizational guidance: graduates or newly hired employees who can be supported in the organizational integration process; managers who hold a key role for the first time; executives with the need to understand culture and adapt to changes; in situations where the transmission of non-coded skills is necessary and the learning process needs to be facilitated.