Finding the right person for the right place” is a fine art. It is an ancient belief with its roots coming from when Man first began to share, in a primitive community, roles and responsibilities in order for self survival and that of his fellow people. Primarily based on basic needs, then specialized to generate more value. Or by discovering new unexpressed and unknown talents, man has learned to build his own professionalism and to discover value in excelling in his tasks. Man has created and learned new professions and has built a path of knowledge and results.

Over time, he has drawn professional trajectories within the community and then in the various organizations in which he has been involved, acquiring new skills and experiences, generating new needs and leveraging support, assistance of other people who, like him, have strived to build a space for their talent.

Understanding the dynamics of individual careers and generating value for customers and stakeholders is part of the distinctive elements of Human Reload Search for Leadership proposition. Through the assessment of functional and leadership skills and a long experience in market scouting, Human Reload is able to map industries and markets, across geographies, in search of consolidated or emerging excellence.

Each research, each recruiting project, is a Story to be written together.

A story that is made up of different but converging elements: understanding of the client’s needs, support in clarifying the brief, exclusive and strategic partnership, working together, construction of different scenarios and opportunities and satisfaction in finding the perfect match which blends technical, managerial and cultural skills within the reference context.

Every recruiting story is then a story of people. Who are constantly searching, exploring, evaluating, verifing, sharing, interacting, getting to know each other.

For Human Reload each selection project represents a special story. It is carried out and delivered with the same passion, commitment and dedication  as a unique, authentic handcrafted masterpiece. As with all handcrafted products, created with competence, passion, excellence, it is relevant for the candidate to be in harmony with the context. Searching for long lasting leadership is important. As is the cultural fit within the team and the organization where the candidate will work.

Only through a profound assessment of the cultural match between client and candidate is it possible to maintain sustainability and empowerment of working relationships and eventually reaching high performance and lasting results.


Is it synonymous with recruit and selection? Not really. The main difference is that, while recruit and selection is mainly about “filling” empty organizational boxes, Search for Leaderhip is about building relationships between companies and highly talented profiles, that means, building and developing interconnections with candidates and promoting a positive employer brand.

In summary: in the recruitment and selection section we look for the correspondence between candidate and job / company, while Human Reload Search for Leadership goes much further: on one hand it promotes the brand and the values ​​of the company and on the other, aims to satisfy the aspirational career goals of the candidate, realizing a perfect overlap between the company’s hiring and the candidate’s career goals.

Making sure both parties remains satisfied in the process.

So what do we actually do?

We do our best to understand the needs and goals of each client we work with, as well as the needs and goals of each candidate we consider for a position. We think long term, as we are primarily interested in mutually beneficial and lasting relationships with clients and candidates.


Each phase generates value and is delivered in constant alignment with the client, taking care of every detail, with focus, outstanding quality and precision.

  1. Analysis of customer needs and definition of priorities within the research process.
  2. Strategic partnership on research strategy.
  3. Definition and sharing of a shortlist of candidates in line with the research.
  4. Structured interview and in-depth evaluation of potentials to check skills and motivation.
  5. Candidates introduction to the client (including CV and detailed evaluation report).
  6. Finalization of the research and stewardship in the onboarding process, definition of KPIs and in-depth analysis of skills to be developed.

For finalist candidates, detailed references are collected from previous employers and checked in order to support the client in the final choice. We carry out assistance and intermediation in the delicate phase of negotiating financial offers and contractual terms in order to meet both expectations of the candidate and the client. We remain in regular contact with the candidate and with the client during the transition phase. We conduct regular follow-up even after the conclusion of the research in order to check the progress. Coaching and assistance to the candidate are included during the integration phase in the company.


Project engagement must be human, because people trust people more than brands. That is why a reliable partner is more important when searching for people targeted to fill key roles in your company. The secret of the success of organizations always lies in the ability to make their human capital evolve. Human Reload helps you grow by developing today’s leaders and finding the leaders of your future.

Human Reload represents your strategic partner, the added value in your journey in search for excellence.