Processes represent a key element of an organizations. They are gears that make it possible for transforming strategic plans into concrete activities.

They generates culture and performances.

Human Resource processes serve to enhance human capital value within Business, managing the organization through optimization of skills and resources, connecting values brought by people within the company organisation. Processes must be simple, clear, measurable and easy to activate in order to generate the value for which they are conceived. Above all, they must have the ability to evolve, to seize new business opportunities.

They are strategic for any organization. So are people. Sometimes we forget that human resource processes are designed by people, for people and work with people and have to harmonize and balance rationality and emotions. Employees who work within an organization, in a complex ecosystem need to recognize themselves in the activities or tasks they carry out and above all they are allowed to grow through their performance.

Those who design and implement processes often get stuck in important and necessary technicalities or procedures (it is always a mission for critical understanding and positioning a brand-new process within a strong stakeholder network), while they loose sight of what the end goal is. And this is more evident the more we observe large and complex business environments.

Human resource processes have two objectives aims. Managing operations and to drive cultural transformation. The focus is to be as simple, understandable and actionable as possible.

Simplifying a process in itself represents a complex activity that requires a high end customer orientation, and satisfaction, paying attention to what can generate a wow experience. It is imperative to understand  that processes revolve around people. They must grasp the cultural DNA of the employees’ way of working and consequently stretch it towards the transformation that is required by the business.

Human Reload supports in realigning HR processes with the strategy, focusing on the core objectives of people within the organizations.


I have a high level of expertise in talent processes (acquisition, management, assessment and development) both at functional and leadership development level, gained through a long term in a multinational context. I have reviewed, designed, implemented and managed talent identification and development processes, always focusing on added value. I designed large and complex career plans and supported the managerial growth of a generation of leaders in different business and cultural contexts, helping nurturing out their strengths and their critical skills as an individual first, then as professionals.

The talent management processes are featured to meet the needs, in a timely, rapid and value-oriented manner, the company’s capability (hard and soft) and the internal offer of current and / or potential skills. It is therefore paramount to rethink development processes on a double perspective: cultivating people and granting business continuity.

Organizations are fluid structures and often the talent review or talent identification process becomes biased by the perception of a static photograph of reality (a typical example are succession plans) or mere exercises for their own sake without any kind of measure on the impact on people and organizations. Sometimes, even worse, they become simply pieces of paper, lists  that remain in the drawers of senior HR professionals. It is always important to set a clear “why” that process is being carried out. What is behind a talent review, what feedback do we want to pass on to the employee, what do we want to achieve from a training plan or a single class.


I designed outstanding training interventions at all levels of the organization.. I have activated effective and innovative integrated learning architectures, designed and implemented functional Corporate University or Academies leveraging digital technologies, to bridge gaps with new and emerging skills, closely integrated with strategic planning of the workforce.


The performance management process is pivotal within the HR processes. It enlightens its effects throughout all other core processes (engagement, training, remuneration, careers), impacting the culture that a corporate wants to generate.

I am among a few leading experts in the field of performance management and work results evaluation processes, having managed and redesigned this core process in numerous companies; I know how to handle the systems for objectives definition, evaluation and rating, the calibration and continuous feedback to employees and with the most advanced ICT platforms on the market.


I have designed recruitment and employer branding processes in a variety of business contexts, for professionals and executives. Creating targeted programs for strategic skills acquisition, I link talent processes to strategic workforce planning, generating business value, engagement and boosting individual or company growth and development. I have developed corporate strategies capable of attracting some of the best talents on the market in an innovative and sustainable way.


I have gained a indepth experience in Business Partnership, in production, service and manufacturing industries, in complex operations, directly managing the impact of human capital value on the business.

Through direct management, I appreciated the importance of having clear, transparent, simple and a quick actionable plan, which look at the results rather than the perfection of the process.

I understood how a well conceived process, aligned and adherent to the business, consistent in its application, is able to generate a shared culture in the long run, not only understood by employees but also valuable over time.

Finally, it is essential to measure yourself. Performance indicators and analytics permeates are all part of my projects. I strongly believe that It is essential to have a method that is able not only to measure the level of success but also how and where I need to intervene in order to constantly improve my performance.